Pascal’s Mermaid Set Package

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This package contains the following DIYs:


  • Mermaid Bed
  • Mermaid Chair
  • Mermaid Closet
  • Mermaid Dresser
  • Mermaid Flooring
  • Mermaid Lamp
  • Mermaid Rug
  • Mermaid Screen
  • Mermaid Shelf
  • Mermaid Sofa
  • Mermaid Table
  • Mermaid Vanity
  • Mermaid Wall
  • Mermaid Wall Clock

1 review for Pascal’s Mermaid Set Package

  1. Todd (verified owner)

    Nice to get diy at fair price over haggling with people or dodging scammers. Nice place where I feel safe doing business.

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