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Purchase this product to earn the “Star Member” rank in the Nook Nook Discord server!

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The Star Membership offers you the “Star Member” role in our Discord server.

What this includes:

  • Exclusive Star Member Rank
  • Access to Star Member channels
  • Access to 1000 NMT turnip islands and access to rare fish/creatures islands! (Higher spawn rates!)
  • Access to private islands with the fish and creatures of your choice!

Star Member Channels:

  • Daily exclusive giveaways! (Villagers, items, Nook Miles and much more!)
  • Extra items on every sale!
  • Our love and appreciation 🙂

This giveaways include: 1000 NMT, S Tier Villagers, the best DIY recipes and much more!

Your chance of winning a giveaway as a Star Member will also be slightly higher for normal and requirement giveaways!

1 review for Star Member

  1. Todd (verified owner)

    I’m very happy being a star member. The staff is very nice and fixed any issues right away. Great prices all around.

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